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About Our Pool Winterization Texas Services

Choose the best Pool Winterization Texas services; winter is coming!!! As colder months begin to approach, it is important to make sure your backyard is prepared properly for the winter season. This includes your pool! In order to prevent damage, it is important to make sure your pool or spa is shut down correctly, so that it will be ready for use once the warmer weather returns.

If you want to shut down your pool or spa for the winter, but are unsure about what time is best or how to do it properly, don’t worry. Our team here at Professional Pool Solutions is happy to help! With our Winterization Special, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool or spa will be properly taken care of! Don’t get left out in the cold this year and let Professional Pool Solutions take care of you with our Pool Winterization Texas services!

Winterization Special includes:

Drain water from lines and filter pumps: We will carefully drain water from the lines and filter pumps to prevent any residual water from freezing, which could cause potential damage to these areas.

Place cover on pool/hot tub if applicable: If you have a cover for your pool or hot tub, our team will install and secure the cover in place to protect the water from outside elements and debris.

Backwash filter and clean filter cartridges: We will make sure that the filter system is thoroughly backwashed, and that the filter cartridges are cleaned to ensure the pool or spa will be working at optimal performance once it is reopened in the spring.

Biweekly chemical checks and dosing: Our team will come out to visit your property biweekly during the winter months to check the chemical levels, and make any needed adjustments if necessary, to maintain the water quality until it is time for use again.

Schedule Pool Winterization Texas services with us today! Have peace of mind knowing that your pool or spa is in good hands. Professional Pool Solutions will ensure that your investment is protected during the winter season, and be ready for use by your family and friends when the warm weather returns! Continue to keep your pool in optimal condition by scheduling pool maintenance services during the summer as well!