Caldera® Spas


Sink into deep, ergonomic seats and a unique FootRidge® design for secure relaxation while targeted hydrotherapy jets melt tension for an effortless, tranquil experience.


Each contour is carefully designed, prioritizing comfort. It is not just a space, but a personal oasis, with one goal – emerging fully refreshed.


Created from only the most resilient materials to guarantee that your hot tub experience is consistently all you’ve imagined, on your schedule.

Utopia® Series

Discover the Utopia Series – peak luxury hydrotherapy, effortless touchscreen convenience. Exceptional relaxation awaits.

Settle into the Utopia Series and feel the Caldera difference instantly – body-hugging contours strategic jet placement, designed to display hydrotherapy at its finest.

The Utopia Series boasts up to eight Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® stations, featuring a variety of specialized jets including the OrbiSsage® rotating jets and the Atlas® Neck Massage system, culminating in the pinnacle of relaxation with the exclusive UltraMasseuse® system in our Cantabria® model.


Discover the fusion of durability and elegance with our EcoTech® Plus cabinet. Offered in three chic shades, this premium feature showcases a sleek black header, a wood grain touch, lustrous stainless-steel accents, and a glowing LED light bar to enhance any outdoor space.

The ambient SpaGlo® lighting system tastefully highlights key areas of the spa—from the bar top to the footwell and beyond—for an atmospheric touch that elevates every soak.


The Utopia Series stands at the forefront of Caldera’s innovation – powerful, efficient, and effortless to maintain. Our FreshWater® IQ System simplifies spa care, while the ABS base enhances energy savings. With the Advent® touchscreen, controlling temperature, jets, and lights is a breeze.

Add our Bluetooth® sound system, and personalize your soak to perfection. Simple. Smart. Serene.


Paradise® Series

Transformation, wellness, and connection are always at your beck and call with our popular Paradise Series.

Indulge in the revitalizing jet action that targets your back, thighs, calves, and feet, all while experiencing ultimate comfort with deep seats and a generous interior space.

Caldera Comfort

Elevate the timeless spa design with a modern twist, as subtle wood grain and metallic accents blend seamlessly. Choose from three contemporary colors, each featuring carefully selected metallic accents, allowing you to effortlessly coordinate your spa with your house, patio, or any other desired setting.

2019 Caldera Paradise Parchment Cabinet

Discover the exceptional performance enhancements found in the Paradise Series, including cutting-edge features like our exclusive energy-efficient FiberCor® insulation, reinforced DuraBond shell, and the resilient, low-maintenance EcoTech® cabinet. Experience the pleasure of fresh, clean, and naturally soothing water with the optional FreshWater® IQ System, available on all spas within the Paradise Series.


Vacanza® Series

Experience the full range of wellness benefits offered by a Caldera® spa, now at an exceptional value. Rejuvenate, revitalize, and emerge prepared to embrace everything that life has in store for you.

The EcoTech® cabinet, which combines durability and style, comes in three modern colors. The Caldera Points of Light System creates a reflective illumination that spreads across the footwell, interior, and water edge of your spa.

Caldera-Vacanza-2022-Lifestyle-Family (4)

Experience hassle-free hot tub care with the FROG® @ease® In-Line System featuring SmartChlor® Technology. This innovative system automatically keeps your water crystal clear by utilizing pre-filled chlorine and mineral cartridges. Say goodbye to the mess, guesswork, and stress associated with traditional hot tub maintenance.

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Carefully positioned jets collaborate to effectively target important muscle groups, while the three modern cabinet colors effortlessly integrate with any backyard aesthetic.

Caldera Jets

Freshwater IQ

The FreshWater IQ system is an advanced in-line salt system that intelligently monitors and informs you about its requirements to maintain clean and naturally soothing water, reducing the time and effort required from you.

FreshWater IQ is designed specifically for Caldera® Spas and is included as a standard feature in all 2024 and newer Utopia® Series Spas. Additionally, it is an available option for 2024 and newer Paradise® Series Spas.

How It Works

The Salt System automatically generates chlorine from salt to keep your spa water feeling naturally fresh and ready to enjoy.

The Smart Monitoring System automatically tests your water every hour and provides clear instructions when adjustments are needed.


We Put the IQ in Liquid.

Experience the exclusive benefits of our patented smart monitoring technology, which is unique to the FreshWater IQ System. Unlike traditional test strips, this advanced system automatically tests your water every hour, ensuring superior accuracy and reliability. It then offers clear and precise recommendations whenever adjustments are required. Relax and unwind, knowing that your spa will guide you effortlessly in maintaining naturally fresh and perfectly balanced water, ready for you to enjoy!

Water That Makes You Go Ahhhh.

FreshWater IQ utilizes the innovative FreshWater Salt System to generate just the right amount of chlorine for your spa. This advanced system reduces the need for excessive chemicals, resulting in water that feels remarkably soft and gentle on both your eyes and skin. By effectively maintaining clean and fresh water for up to an entire year*, it not only helps conserve water but also saves you money in the process.


Less Maintaining. More Massaging.

Simplify your hot tub maintenance with user-friendly on-screen recommendations that provide clear guidance on how to keep your water clean and naturally refreshing. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a hassle-free experience.

The Most Comprehensive Water Care
System Available.

Fully integrated and easy-to-use, FreshWater IQ delivers a better ownership experience and peace of mind.


FreshWater IQ Resources.