If you own a pool, you might have seen ducks drop by without an invite from time to time. While they can be cute, ducks can also make your pool dirty and even cause health problems. You want to keep your pool clean and safe for everyone to enjoy, so it’s important to know how to keep ducks out.

In this guide, we’re going to go over some effective and humane ways to stop ducks from using your pool. That way, you can have a clear and duck-free swim area all summer.

Why Ducks Visit Pools

Ducks are naturally drawn to bodies of water, and your backyard pool is no exception! The sparkling, still water of a pool mimics the appearance of a pond or lake, which ducks instinctively recognize as a potential habitat.

Even more, the pool’s edges and surrounding deck provide a safe space for ducks to rest and preen their feathers. Unfortunately, this attraction can quickly become a nuisance for pool owners. When ducks take up residence in your pool, they leave behind droppings that can contaminate the water with harmful bacteria. This could mean exposure to things like E. coli and Salmonella.

Of course, this poses a health risk to swimmers and can throw off the delicate chemical balance of your pool, leading to algae growth and other maintenance issues. Finally, ducks may carry parasites or diseases that can spread to humans or other pets.

Pools appeal to ducks because of their clean, safe appearance.

Proven Duck-Deterrent Techniques

Now that you understand why ducks are attracted to your pool, let’s explore some effective methods to keep them away. These techniques are designed to be humane and non-harmful to the ducks while ensuring your pool remains a clean, safe, and enjoyable space.

  • Secure Coverage – One of the most reliable ways to prevent ducks from accessing your pool is by using a pool cover. There are several types of covers available, each with unique benefits. Solar covers, for example, not only deter ducks but also help maintain water temperature and reduce evaporation. Solid safety covers, on the other hand, provide a physical barrier that prevents ducks from landing on the water’s surface. Whichever type of cover you choose, ensure it fits securely and covers the entire pool area to effectively keep ducks out.
  • Visual Tactics – Ducks, like many birds, are sensitive to visual cues. Incorporating certain visual deterrents around your pool can discourage ducks from coming near. One popular option is to place decoy predators, such as plastic owls or alligators, near the pool’s edge. The presence of these “predators” can make ducks feel threatened and less likely to approach. Another visual tactic is to install reflective strips or pinwheels along the pool’s perimeter. The movement and reflection caused by these objects can startle ducks and deter them from landing.

Create an Unwelcoming Environment

In addition to physical barriers and visual deterrents, you can make your pool less appealing to ducks by adjusting certain environmental factors. Two key areas to focus on are water quality and landscaping.

Ducks prefer calm, still water for swimming and preening. By creating movement on the pool’s surface, you can make it less inviting for them. Consider installing water features like fountains or waterfalls, which not only add aesthetic value but also disrupt the water’s stillness.

Additionally, maintaining proper pool chemistry, particularly pH levels, can help deter ducks. Ducks are less likely to swim in water that feels uncomfortable or irritating to their skin and eyes.

Strategic Landscaping

The landscaping around your pool can also play a role in deterring ducks. Avoid planting vegetation that attracts ducks, such as aquatic plants or tall grasses that provide cover. Instead, opt for landscaping elements that create an open, exposed area around the pool, making ducks feel vulnerable and less likely to approach.

Consider using gravel or rock borders, which can be uncomfortable for ducks to walk on, and keep the lawn trimmed short to reduce hiding spots.

Decoy predators can help keep ducks out of your pool.

Other Recommended Maintenance

While implementing duck-deterrent techniques is crucial, regular pool maintenance is equally important in keeping your pool clean, safe, and uninviting to ducks. To keep your pool in top condition and prevent duck visits, follow this essential maintenance checklist:
  • Skim the pool surface daily to remove debris, such as leaves, twigs, and feathers, which can attract ducks.
  • Brush the pool walls and floor weekly to prevent algae growth and maintain clean, clear water.
  • Regularly clean the skimmer and pump baskets to ensure proper circulation and filtration.
  • Monitor and adjust water chemistry levels, including pH, chlorine, and alkalinity, to maintain a balanced and sanitized pool.
  • Shock the pool water as needed to eliminate contaminants and keep the water crystal clear.
  • Inspect and clean pool covers, solar blankets, and other accessories to prevent any damage or gaps that ducks could use to their advantage.

When to Call a Professional

While many duck-deterrent techniques and pool maintenance tasks can be handled by pool owners themselves, there are situations where enlisting the help of a professional is helpful.

If your efforts are not yielding the desired results, it may be time for a pro. A professional pool service company can provide a thorough assessment of your pool and its surroundings, identifying any factors that may be attracting ducks or contributing to other pool-related problems. A professional will work with you to develop a customized plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns, ensuring that your pool remains a duck-free, clean, and enjoyable space.


In the end, keeping ducks out of your pool is essential for maintaining a clean, enjoyable swimming environment. And it’s less tricky than you might think!

From secure pool covers and strategic landscaping to visual deterrents and regular maintenance, a multi-faceted approach is key. With the right combination of techniques, maintenance, and expert guidance, you can confidently reclaim your pool from unwanted duck visitors.

If you need an expert inspection of your pool area or guidance on the right equipment to keep it sparkling and duck-free, contact the experts at Professional Pool Solutions in Temple, TX, and surrounding areas today.